Miracle Happens But ……

By Meghashyam Sinkar

Some 10000 years ago, in the upper regions of the Himalayas , a yogi appeared . Nobody knew where he came from or what his origins were . He just came and sat absolutely still . People gathers in huge numbers because his presence was quite extraordinary . They waited , hoping a miracle would happen. First ten minutes, people were quite patient enough . After 30 minutes , some of them started leaving slowly . Yogi didn’t utter a single word for 2 hours , Half of the people have vanished by now . After six months , only 2-3 people remained . People gathers in large numbers because they were waiting for miracle to happen .Their idea of miracle was firecrackers – some sound and light -which didn’t happen . They didnt have patience and intelligence to see that a miracle had already happened . If someone simply sits for six months  , that means it is miracle . 

The same thing happens with equity investments . So many investors invest with a hope of miracle to happen immediately . Some of them leave within 1-2 years . Some stays for 5 years and then exit due to number of reasons . However , real miracle happen in 20-30 years .and only  2-3 % of the investors actually experience this miracle . 

Below data proves the miracle of creation of wealth .

Untitled 2

Warren  Buffett has nicely put it as  below 

“To make money in stocks you must have “the vision to see them, the courage to buy them and the patience to hold them .Patience is the rarest of the three, but it pays off in the long run” 

Happy Investing !!!