With increasing number of news channel, financial magazines, newsletters, there is no dearth of financial information. We have channels which are ON for 24 X 7 with ample of information on each aspects, experts talking on markets (and why not if they are getting paid for the same).Anchor of the program talks about the markets. Generally bearish and bullish trend have few months gap but media channels chart the market trend “bullish and bearish” every week or so (Thank God not on a daily basis).

Recently, I got calls from couple of clients about the outlook of “Cairn India” stock .After Vendanta News on acquisition plan, broking houses given “Sell” call on Cairn India (Flashing news) . How can one immediately decides on ‘BUY or SELL’ when there is a financial transaction (not fraud like Satyam) in Billions, that to second largest company after ONGC in that segment .It is not the first time it has happened .Same broking houses given “underperformer” ranking on ICICI Bank during their bad phase , TATA motors when it touched Rs 160 during 2008 financial crisis and so on. There are plenty of recommendations, so naturally few of them will work in their favour. But which one, even they are also not aware of.

It is better to watch Animal Planet /Discovery channels than listening to number of analyst .High valuation or low valuation on different stocks on every day basis is nothing but generating income out of brokerage. All broking firms stocks were zooming during Bull Run .But they have still not recovered after the market crash.

There is a nice quote by unknown “Mumbai’s Dalal Street is the only place where people come in a BMW to take advice on how to make money, from those who come in LOCAL TRAINS!”

TRP of these channels are increasing day by day because everyone wants to buy low and sell high in equity.

I remembered my school days wherein there was a lesson in English subject (SSC board) on television which has phrased it as “TELEVISION – AN IDIOT BOX”.  Holds true……..